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Rules & Conditions: 2017

Australian Cello Awards

The Competition Process

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Rules & Conditions


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Repertoire Guidelines

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Entry Fee

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General Rules

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By entering The Australian Cello Awards (“the Competition”) competitors agree to comply with the Rules & Conditions of the Competition. 

All awards given by the Competition ("the Awards") must be drawn within three (3) years of the Recipient winning unless an alternative agreement is reached. Requests for funds must be made in writing, with a budget detailing the proposed use.

The Competition and MOST® take no responsibility for the acceptance of Awards which involve overseas travel. This decision is taken solely at the discretion of the Recipient. Recipients are advised to check the current status of the country in question with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs at the time of travel.

Performance Rights

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The Competition and MOST® have the right to video, film, record or photograph and retain all stages of the Competition for archival or promotional purposes (“the Material”). The Competition and MOST® have the right to retain this Material on websites or any other media without fee and any personal information relating to the Competition. Broadcast, media and other digital rights remain with the Competition and MOST®.

The Competition and MOST® have the right to distribute the Material in any medium (including without limitation YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr), in whole or in part for an unlimited period, without remuneration, for the purpose of promoting the Australian Cello Awards or MOST®.

The Competition and MOST® have permission to use the Material in any way that may not otherwise infringe an Entrant’s moral rights pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth), including but not limited to, an Entrant’s moral rights associated with their performances (submitted digitally or recorded by the Competition) when used for any promotion or publicity of the Competition or MOST® in any media without limitation for an unlimited period.

All approaches to the media must be made through and with the approval of the Competition. Entrants, Finalists and Recipients of Awards will be required to be available for promotional or media interviews/calls by arrangement.

Other Information

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The Recipient of any Award is reminded that the cash component is a form of income. Any enquiries regarding tax should be referred to the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, an accountant or a registered tax consultant.

The Australian Cello Awards and its administrator MOST® act as co-ordinator of the above prizes and opportunities and cannot accept responsibility if any provider is unable to fulfil its obligations in any form.

Some individual prizes and opportunities are awarded at the discretion of the individual sponsor or provider. 

If the Recipient of any award connected to funds elects not to proceed with that award, the associated funds must be forfeited and may be made available to another Finalist.  

Insurances – the Australian Cello Awards and MOST® shall not have any responsibility for Entrants’ loss and/or damage during the Competition. This applies to health and injury insurance, as well as loss or damage of the instrument or luggage in case of accident, fire or theft during travel.

Force majeure – the Competition shall be cancelled if there are epidemics, fires, earthquakes, wars, riots, blocking or delay of traffic and other events beyond the control of Australian Cello Awards and MOST®.

Timeline: Australian Cello Awards 2017

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Rules & Conditions
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How do I record my performance submissions?

Digital submissions
in 2017:

The ACA pioneered the use of digital entires for Round 1 of the competition in 2014.


Because this allowed the opportunity to hear young Australian and New Zealand entrants scattered around the world, the ACA is considered to maintain the tradition of digital entries in 2017.

While it wasn't necessary to have submissions professionally produced or recorded, we strongly encouraged the submission of recordings of the highest standard possible within available resources and budget. 

For information only, here are   some guideliness provided for out 2014 Entrants:

You can record your submission on any one of a number of consumer grade devices. We recommend using a quality microphone:

a) Mobile devices: iPhone/iPad, Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet, HTC, Nexus, etc.;

b) A consumer-grade camcorder or HDSLR: Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, etc.;

c) A desktop or laptop computer: make sure to use a good quality webcam.

Save and export your recordings as either audio/video or audio only;

d) Combined audio/video: .mov .mpeg4, .mv4, .avi, .wmv;

e) Audio only: .mp3, .wav, .aiff  

When recording video, try to record your video and sound in HD (‘high definition’) format (1080p or 720p).

The file size of each individual submission should not exceed 250MB in size.

Be sure to listen to and 'test' the quality of each submission before entry.

Round 1 submissions will be dispatched to the adjudicators digitally.

Recordings must be made within the 12 months previous to entering the competition. Recordings should not be edited or 'artificially enhanced'.

Carefully follow the instructions provided on the Entry Form to submit your recordings either by:

a) DropBox: you'll receive an invitation from us.

b) CD/DVD: you'll be provided with postal details for you to send this by registered mail.

c) Email: 

If you have any questions, contact us at the address below:

Australian Cello Awards

Level 4
Culwulla Chambers
67 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000

T: (+61 2) 9231 4293
F: (+61 2) 9221 8201

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